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The Problem With Email Marketing…

Digital marketing is ALWAYS changing…

Email marketing is dying, it’s becoming harder day by day…

...And people are tired of reading emails and getting hammered offers…

Plus all of your efforts only yield a 10% Open Rate…

So you are leaving 90% of the profits on the table…

...To make things worst….what if half those emails go to SPAM and out of that 10% how many actually convert into sales?

The simple answer...NOT ENOUGH.

So the only question you have to ask yourself is this….

Imagine 100% Of YOUR Prospects See Your Message Appear In Their FB Inbox!

Imagine sending a message across all your FB pages and being able to get into 100% of their FB Inboxes...

And imagine that one message was able to make you $1,000s in affiliate commissions…

Whether you promote offers or sell services, this can take your business to new heights.

If you were to send out a NEW fresh promo message to ALL your prospects with 100% open rate…

You’ll get so tired of seeing all those Paypal notifications you won’t even know what to do!

The truth is 500 Facebook Messenger leads is more valuable than 10000 email leads…

And I’m sure you like to make money and not waste it...

Automatically Broadcast Messages To Your Entire FB Leads With Just a Click!

So far you generated FB Leads and now it’s time to automate the follow-ups and remove all headaches and painful one-by-one copy & paste messages.

Now you can engage with all your FB Fans and Leads to send bulk messages to your messenger leads.

  Send a message to thousands of FB prospects and get up to 100% delivery in their inbox in just 1 Click! (Forget Manual Follow-Ups)

  Create bulk-message campaigns to either your FB Group or Fan Page to promote ANY offer

Let’s face the facts…

Everyone spends hours daily on Facebook…

It’s where all your potential customers hangout.

Now it’s your turn to leverage this innovative tool with Facebook to drive 10X Sales and Profits in your business.

A Complete Set and Forget Money Making Machine Powered By Facebook

Send Bulk Messages to Leads Instantly

Better than a 10% open rate auto-responder. You now achieve 100% In-Boxing with a Mass-Mess Broadcast to your entire FB Pages, Groups, or leads in just 1 click. This has the potential to make you $1000s in sales instead of just $100s...

Plus, You get Custom Bulk Message Campaigns! Imagine promoting a new offer and getting $1000s of sales with hardly any work.

Full Campaign Analytics

Data is King and without we can never tell if we are MAKING or LOSING money. So with this built-in analytics you can check your campaigns engagement to see if it was successful or not.

Sync. Page’s Messenger Leads (Auto Sync Available)

Lead Grouping



SociLeads Messenger PRO Extended


Pro Upgrades Remaining

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Don’t miss out on these PRO Extended version features:

  • Track and analyze your posts over time.
  • Facebook Sync Pages (Auto-Sync All Your Fan Pages & Massive List Building)
  • Want Better Engagement and More Sales? Create Custom Broadcast Messages For Promos and Discounts to Your Entire Audience.
  • Notify Your Facebook Target Audience With Bulk-Messages In Just 1 Click.

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Special bonus 1

A powerful Facebook scraper to get Facebook data such as page data by keyword, page data by location, group data, event data and user data. You will get major data including email that will very helpful to generate your lead list..

Special bonus 2
WP Auto Blogger:

AutoBlogger Plugin
Build Google Friendly Blogs in Just Clicks. Never Create Content Again

1. Curates content from any website
2. 100% google and other search engines friendly
3. Copy and paste simple.
Anyone can use it and build stunning blog posts in seconds
4. Schedule your post and relax
5. Never pay for content again

Special bonus 3
Supreme Builder (A similar tool like Igloo & AscendPages)

This is A Drag and Drop, Multi-user Website Builder Script, which allow you start your business with a professional website builder service.

It allow your users to easily create a responsive website in a few clicks.

The created sites are fully customizable through a Drag and Drop, realtime editing interface.

Some of the features Include; Themes and templates, 30+ Modules, Drag and Drop, Sub domain, Responsive layout PayPal for user subscription, Premium plans, Custom domain etc

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Sync. Page’s Messenger Leads (Auto Sync)

Lead Grouping

Multi-Page Bulk Message Campaign

Multi-Group Bulk Message Campaign

Custom Bulk Message Campaign

Full Report of Campaign (Delivery/Unsuccessful)








PRO Extended Version








Here’s your ONE CHANCE to upgrade by going PRO Extended, at a fraction of what it’s really worth. This is just a single ONE-Time-payment and you get free updates and support, included.

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SociLead Messenger - OTO2

One Time Payment - Free Updates Included!