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Special Bonuses From Your Affiliate

FE Bonuses

Bonus #1: Facebook Groups for Beginners

This detailed course walks you through how to create and manage a Facebook group from the perspective of beginner. You will also learn how to promote Facebook groups once they have been created. And so much more!

Bonus #2: LinkedIn Auto Post Machine (Multiuser & Whitelabel)

Are you tired and finding it difficult to carry out brand advertising campaign on linkedin for the post to linkedin every day. This simple and powerful Scripts will help you get closer to your goal. With just a few clicks you can create up for a promotion campaign on linkedin with many features available on the script will certainly give you a great experience.

– Support multi linkedin accounts: helping you advertise more comprehensive
– Report posts: statistical success rate of the posts.
– Repost post: lets you automatically post back every day without having to post back.
– Suport multi language: makes it easy to access and use the product thoroughly.
– Easy customization and multi themes: helping you have more choices for the management interface to suit you.
– Support multi user: not only can you manage that you can share it with everyone you want.
– Easy install & using: help you set up and use easily via video.
– And many other exciting features.

Bonus #3: SiteClone Machine - Make Clones or Copies of Any Site

SiteClone Machine is a PHP script which allows you to make copies, clones or archives of any website. It does not matter whether this website is made with regular HTML files or was built using a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla; SiteClones clones them all!

Once a clone or copy has been created; you can choose to either browse the clone online, download it as a ZIP archive, send it by email or upload it to a remote server over FTP.

With SiteClone Machine, you can start earning some bucks from web designing and smartly using this tool to jump-start the entire web design process...

Not only does SiteClone Machine generate an exact copy of the site; it also rewrites all URLs to be fully relative, which allows you to use the cloned site either on a web server or locally on your computer.

Bonus #4: Coursepress Machine— Create beautiful courses (WP)

- CoursePress Pro is by far the easiest way to add beautiful courses to WordPress and WordPress Multisite.
- You can’t find this anywhere else. Completely exclusive just for you and you alone for the next 24 hours
- CoursePress Pro allows you to quickly create beautiful courses all within WordPress.
- Whether you’re selling or sharing your knowledge, this plugin will save you time and make your work stand out.
- Incredibly Easy to Use & Setup
- Easily create a course and add, invite or promote it to students. Getting a great coursen up takes no time and CoursePress even comes with it’s own theme to get you going quickly, along with shortcodes and widgets you can use in any WordPress themes
- Complete Live ‘Chat’ Integration
- Sell Courses with MarketPress and WooCommerce
- Offer courses for free, or sell exclusive access to your lessons and materials with simple e-Commerce integration.
- Use any of the 13+ gateways available with MarketPress, or combine CoursePress with WooCommerce and get access to more than 100 payment options.
- Massively Customizable

OTO1 Bonuses

Bonus #1: Pagenova Get Access

Bonus #2: WP WhatsApp System Download

Bonus #3: IG Automator Download

OTO2 Bonuses

Bonus #1: InstaScraper Get Access

Bonus #2: WP Autoblogger Get Access

Bonus #3: Supreme Builder Download

OTO3 Bonuses

Bonus #1: Whitelabel Rights to TrafficBuddy

Traffic Buddy is a cutting edge WP Plugin lets you quickly and easily set up viral campaigns for any offer in any niche on any website or blog to get free traffic and lead.

Bonus #2: High Paying Client Video Course (White Label)

You get a copy of this course and discover how to land high paying clients for whatever service you are offering. High paying clients are those who are willing to pay you double, triple or even 50 times more than average customers. In this video course you will learn what it takes to close high paying client. One of the most important thing to do is change your belief and here you can find the way to do it. You will also learn about:

>>How to position yourself as an expert
>>How to identify and qulify clients
>>The sales process
>>Sales objection
>>How to price your product
>>How to deliver after payment is made

Bonus #3: WP Bot Blocker Plugin

- Everyday, 100s of hackers try to get into your site. They use BOTS to attack your wordpress sites and you need to be protected. This plugin blocks all bot attacks keeping you secure your hackers.
- You can Install on Unlimited Sites + CLIENT SITES

OTO4 Bonuses

Bonus #1: Developer Rights to WP Smush Pro

Resize and optimize all of your images with the incredibly powerful image smusher,! Now with image resizing! Set a max width and height and large images will scale down as they are being compressed. Our servers do all the heavy lifting. Strip hidden bulky information from your images and reduce file size without losing quality.

Features available in WP Smush include:

  • Optimize your images using advanced lossless compression techniques.
  • Set maximum width and height and large images will automatically
  • Set maximum width and height and large images will automatically
  • Scale before being added to your media library
  • Process JPEG, GIF and PNG image files.
  • Manually smush your attachments individually in the media library, or in bulk 50 attachments at a time.
  • Asynchronously auto-smush your attachments for super fast compression on upload.

Bonus #2: WP Exit Coupon Ninja

It is an useful wordpress plugin which can improve your conversion rate. If you have a wordpress site which sale something, you can now to offer a coupon to the users which want to leave your website. This plugin detects exit intent and show a modal popup with a coupon that you have defined. The visitor clicks on button and the coupon is automatically in clipboard of visitor, ready to use in checkout page or cart page.

Bonus #3: FB Viral Marketing plugin

FB Viral Marketing Plugin is a POWERFUL, plugin built from scratch which allows you to lock content, download, videos, link ..... in WordPress posts or pages until the user invites a certain amount of visitors to your website via a referral link.

With WP viral plugin, every visitor will bring you new visitors to your website traffic to your website will increase like crazy & will grow like a snowball effect!

Just imagine garnering 1,000 visitors to your website and every one of them refer 5 visitors to access your content…. Just imagine the potential!

1000 x 5 = 5000 visitors

A whopping 5,000 visitors without spending a dime on ads!

OTO5 Bonuses

Bonus #1: Mobile 2 Step Optin Builder

Create Mobile Two Step Opt-In Pages in Just Minutes!

Bonus #2: WP Legal Pages

If you have a wordpress site there are some vital pages and functions you must implement in order to run a successful site.
First you have to setup your legal pages properly, especially if you plan to run Facebook ads or Google ads to any page on the site.
Luckily, I’m giving away WP Legal pages, thatt you can download and install today.
WP Legal pages will help you create and setup your legal pages fast, and configure a high converting survey to engage and convert your visitors into loyal followers and subscribers.

Bonus #3: WP Tube Maximixer

Easily Monetize And Add Content To Any Youtube Video in less than 5 minutes!